Chris Feldt

I AM an professor at the University of South Carolina and teach self defense and karate.

I AM a modern day Samurai, who believes I am here to serve my family, my students, my community and my world!

I AM a martial arts activist who is committed to global change by inspiring and empowering my students to live a life of consequence.

I AM an educator!  Our Karate curriculum includes anger management, verbal judo, Diabetes awareness, peace education through acts of kindness, environmental self defense and healthy eating!

I AM surrounded by a fellowship of master teachers, who represent a NEW WAY,  a new vision, of what the martial arts community should stand for.

My life is my dojo!

My Associations

The 100
The Ultimate Black Belt Test
Shuri-Te Bujutsu-Kai

My Media

Website:  Samurai Karate Studio
Blog: Samurai Karate Studio
UBBT Blog: Sensei Chris Feldt
Anti Bully Website

How can I help serve you?

Sensei Chris Feldt
Samurai Karate Studio
2000 Clemson Road
Suite # 9
Columbia, SC 29229

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